Google AI beats European Go champion

Earlier today we posted about Facebook’s attempt with AI to beat the ancient Chinese game of Go. Stepping up to the plate, Google has just announced that it’s AI has beaten European Go champion Fan Hui 5-0.

Computer have already beaten the worlds best at games like Chess, Jeopardy and Checkers but the ancient Chinese game of Go has always remained out of bounds due to its immense complexity. With approximately over 10^700 possible scenarios, the game of Go is an undertaking of gigantic proportions.

Google have now announced their Deepmind AI named ‘AlphaGo’ which has beaten the 3-time European champion 5-0, and now in March has a match scheduled against Lee Sedol, a south Korean professional Go player with the rank of 9-dan, the second highest rank available in the Go world, the only rank higher being 10-dan, a special title.

AlphaGo runs off of Google’s Cloud platform and as the group behind the AI says that the approach is general purpose instead of specially created just for conquering Go, the applications could be extended to help address bigger and more realistic problems like climate modelling and complex disease analysis, although despite this, we are beginning to wonder if there is any games which computers won’t over take us at.

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