Microsoft 365 E-Mail outage effects ‘large number of users’

Details emerged today of an issue with office 365’s mail area, leaving many without emails. Microsoft in a statement said that the outage was effecting businesses with ‘large number of users experiencing impact’

Office 365 is Microsoft’s rolling office service, providing both home owners and business clients with the Microsoft office suite. The component in question is that of the business only side, where Microsoft hosts the email systems for small to large businesses.

Issues started 9 days ago on January 18th. In a statement, given on Jan 26th, Microsoft claimed that it is being caused due to a update, which has caused a code issue with the mail service, claiming that ‘engineers have identified that a number of infrastructure components that handle email routing and filtering became degraded due to high resource utilisation’.

One company, according to CloudPro, says that OneNote Online and Office 365 are still refusing to open 9 days later, despite the assurances given by Microsoft on Jan 24th, saying that a fix was deployed.

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