Java plug-in death announced

Today heralded good news for the common internet user’s security as Oracle, developers of the Java plug-in, finally announced the end of the plug-in.

The Java plugin was released in 1995, and due to its poor security has been one of the greatest security threats of computing with even America’s Department of Homeland Security speaking ill of the applet.

The Java applet was initially designed to allow developers to insert more complex programs into webpages, like for example a game of chess, or the massively popular MMORPG ‘RuneScape’. Due to many major coding bugs though, it has become a pariah within the computing community thanks to the bugs opening up access to around a billion computers over its life.

The popular web browsers ‘Chrome’, ‘Firefox’ and ‘Edge’ have all announced that they are going to be killing plugin support in the near future making many wonder why Java have bothered announcing as it will be obsolete soon anyway.

From all of us here at PCI-News, goodbye, and thanks for all the bugs.

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