US police association hacked

Documents from a United States police association have been dumped online along with a database of personal information and a backup of the member-only forum. ‘Fraternal Order of Police’ describes itself as having over ‘325,000 members in more than 2,100 lodges.’

The group being blamed for the attack is the commonly known group ‘Anonymous’. Anonymous is a group of hackers and ‘hacktivists’ who have been responsible for a string of cyber attacks over the last few years, with their first major hack being back in 2010. The group works without any known heads, calling itself a ‘collective’ and preventing law enforcement from being able to shut them down.

Fraternal Order of Police claim that the attack came from outside the United States, although it is unclear as to what proof of Anonymous involvement there is.

The site was taken down following the attack by Fraternal Order of Police while they assessed the damage, stating ‘We have engaged professional to identify all the necessary steps we need to take to put our system back on line and it may take several days.’

At time of writing it is unknown as to the legitimacy of the data within the dump and whether the personal information is true.

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