USB Type-C killing computers

USB type-C is the new USB standard promising 40gbps throughput and supporting everything from storage devices to screens, it’s reversible (removing that tedious moment when you try and plug it in upside down) and even promises backwards compatibility. Given this you would think that USB type-C is the standard we need, the be all and end all in computing for at least the next few years, but problems are beginning to surface with dodgy cabling.

The standard is now being rolled out in new devices including the Apple Macbook, Razer’s new laptop offerings and Alienware’s latest lines, but its own success is hurting it. In a rush to flood the market with cables compatible with the standard, a lot of manufacturers have been making and selling faulty cables which are incorrectly wired and killing devices.

Google engineer ‘Benson Leung’ has been reviewing the new cables on the popular marketplace amazon, and came across a cable in a deadly way. Upon plugging in the cable, Mr Leung writes, his laptop instantly crashed and stopped responding. Mr Leung rebooted the machine to see a message no one wants to see, the message claimed that the laptop was in recovery mode due to inability to boot. Upon further inspection it was found that the Embedded Controller (the controller used to manage the USB Type-C ports) had been shorted. The laptop was dead.

At current it is advised to see the reviews for any cable for the standard before you choose to buy, it might just save your laptop

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Main editor at PCI-News aswell as IT technician, network engineer, systems administrator, website designer, manager and Data recovery specialist at PCI Xpress ltd

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