Repaired iPhones being bricked by new apple update

Reports are flying around the internet of a new update for the Apple iPhone 6 phones which is rendering the handset useless.

The update appears to only affect iPhones which have been repaired by a third party repair company. The issue is related to the TouchID home button which is normally matched to the phone. The update means that the phone detects the repair and bricks the phone for what Apple are calling “Security” but has left many iPhone 6 owners rather irritated.

The phones are a £500-plus investment on the behalf of the owner and many have been left feeling let down by the technology used to make lives easier.

The code to watch out for is “Error 53”, but if you see it, unfortunately your phone is unusable and unrecoverable.

To add insult, reports are that Apple can only offer a replacement for the phone for £270. Apple also charges £236 for the digitizer replacement, with many third party repair outfits offering replacements for around the £100, which is significantly cheaper.

Popular DIY repair website iFixit have reported that there has been over 183,000 views on its page about the error, making many believe that the issue is rather wide-spread.

Luckily a lot of reputable repair outifts have been using correct parts and transferring the home button, but those who haven’t are currently in a lot of problems.

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