New 1-Terabit satellites to deliver internet to remote areas

New 1-Terabit satellites to deliver internet to remote areas

Remote areas will soon be getting a speed boost in internet as new 1-terabit satellites are announced following a partnership between ViaSat and Boeing.

Each satellite in the network will have a network capacity of 1-terabit, allowing it to provide 100Mbps network speeds to remote locations, anywhere in the world.

But ViaSat aren’t stopping there and are promising that the new satellite network will be able to increase in-flight connectivity on commercial airlines as well as other aircraft. Oil and Gas platforms could also see speeds of up to 1Gbps.

There is an issue with satellite internet which is yet to be addressed, things like adverse weather conditions can drastically affect the connectivity of these systems, so it remains to be seen what solutions the companies will have to combat this.

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